Here are some outline details about the body piercing course...please do not hesitate to contact me to ask any questions.

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 Thankyou for your interest in the Professional Piercers school of body piercing and micro dermal implants. This is a brief outline of what to expect on the course and what it will cover. The course is over one day and covers the theory and practical aspects of basic micro dermal implants. When done as part of the body piercing course this does NOT require an extra day as we complete BOTH courses in 5 days.  

Micro Dermal Implant Training Course Curriculum.

1.       Studio Requirements to New Environmental Health standards.

2.       Studio and equipment hygiene and sterilisation.

3.       Safe use of equipment, general safety and work.

4.       Correct measurements and placements of jewellery.     

5.       Customer are, health records and risk assessment.

6.       Micro dermal aftercare.

7.       Minor emergencies and how to deal with them.

8.       Possible problems and the advice to give. e.g. Allergies, rejections       

9.       Micro Dermal instruction and observation of dermals.

10.     Practical micro dermal experience while at Professional Piercers studio  under supervision.

11.     Theory work carries out in our relaxing training room. Notes to keep.       

12.     Use of anaesthetics.                                       


   A pass certificate will be awarded after completing the course subject to satisfactory knowledge being gained enabling an attainment of a pass rate of at least 80% on the theory test paper and a satisfactory assessment of practical ability.

  The certificate is a personal merit at the time of issue and will not apply to any other than the person named on it. It will not apply to the studio where the person is employed. It qualifies the person not the premises.

  There will be a maximum of  3 students on any one dermal training although some will be on a one to one basis.

  You will also during the day be given help and advice on which equipment to buy, and suppliers to buy from.                                 

 If you have a studio and wish more than one person to be trained please contact us to discuss training at your own studio. 

 The total cost of the course is £150 for the day and a £50 non refundable deposit is required before the booking can be taken. Please call to find out what dates we have for training.  When added to the body piercing course a £50 discount is given.

 Ideal course for anyone that already does tattoos or piercing.

Train to be able to fit dermal anchors. Maybe you already have a business and feel that adding dermal anchors to your present services will boost your income or attract more business!  This course is ideal for tattooists, beauticians, jewellers, new age shops or maybe even hairdressers!

The course is a full day course,  10am until 4pm .  At the end of the course  (*subject to you passing a theory and practical test)  you will receive a certificate of achievement issued by Professional Piercers for you to display on your studio wall for local authorities and clients to see.

Professional Piercers is based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 8HY.

What is included in the course fees!

1 days training, which will cover theory and practical :

*Studio hygiene, & preparation .

*Jewellery - sizing, understanding and placement.

*First aid, contra-indications, aftercare.

*How to deal with clients, setting up a business, purchasing stock.

*You will be fitting dermals to real people whilst on the course!

*You will receive notes and a manual to keep.

*You will  be given a simple theory test .

*All refreshments and lunch is included.

What is not included in the course fees!

The cost of accommodation and travel. You will be expected to get to the course on the day, we can help you find accommodation in the area and if you do this we will collect you from the station/bus and take you to your hotel/B&B and will  ensure you are transported to and from your accommodation . The cost of travel to the area and accommodation costs are not covered.

 Your certificate will be issued by Professional  Piercers UK.

Note- this has no connection with the Association of Professional Piercers.

If you require more than one person training it may be possible for us to come to your studio and train you!  Please contact us  to discuss this.

You must be able to get yourself to Swadlincote in Derbyshire for 10am and be able to stay until 4pm. You must also pass the theory and practical test. Once you have passed you have our full back up service and a 24hour helpline, we will continue to help you afterwards!

Please contact us for more details with any questions and for dates of courses available. There will  be a maximum of 3 people on each  course.

If  you attend the body piercing course and you decide to take the dermal anchor course at the same time we only charge £100 for the dermal anchor course!