If you have always wanted to be a body piercer, fancy a change of career or pierce already but would like to have certificates or feel you need more training then Professional Piercers UK training school can do this. Lynn Fearn is registered as a trainer - UK Register of training providers registration number 10036241. Also member of PPAUK. The studio premises is registered with SDDC. Please note...this course covers and complies with new government guidelines introduced in July 2013.

Note -  This course suits anyone and you do not have to have any knowledge of piercing.  Lynn caters for trainees from all over the UK and abroad. Swadlincote is a small market town in South Derbyshire and does not have any train stations or coach parks, if you do not drive then please do not worry as Lynn will collect you from East Midland Airport and will take you to the accommodation  and collect and return you each day, if it is easier to come by train then the nearest train station is Burton Upon Trent and Lynn will collect you from there. For trainees wishing to come by National Coach the nearest stop is Derby and again Lynn will meet you there. Please call Lynn to discuss travel arrangements.  We have presently got excellent accommodation in the area from £25 per person per night in lovely en-suite rooms. During the week we work in comfortable clothing in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, there is NO classroom environment. All refreshments are included and we provide lunch each day. Please do not enrol on a course where they do not advertise who the trainer is or the trainer has no experience! 

Lynn Fearn the trainer has been piercing for over 20 years and runs a successful piercing studio herself. She has been running PPAUK training for over 14 years. She has trained many of the companies out there now offering training to pierce!  The training school is highly recognised in the profession and has a 100% pass rate.

Course Costs-  

Body Piercing (above the belt) and Dermal implants - 5 days  - £750

Dermal anchor only - 1 day £150 

Body Piercing (above the belt) only - £650 - 5 days.

Genital piercing course - Male and Female (You must have done 6 months basic piercing first and be a registered body piercer) £250 plus travel costs - Carried out at your studio.  

During the course we order your kit to be delivered to your premises ready to start as soon as you get home...the amount of kit you require depends on how much you have to spend and can vary from £50 to £300! Please do not be taken in by other courses offering kits as they are simply making money from you which you need to get started! 

We have an agreement with a local hotel and the cost of accommodation for week is £100 in an en-suite room.  

Please note - It you find the same course cheaper anywhere else please contact us as we will match the price!  

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Frequently asked questions.....

Please look through the rest of the website for lots for more information on body piercing courses, dermal anchor courses, genital piercing courses and if you have any questions contact Lynn x

So what is Professional Piercers UK training school and why should I choose this course instead of any other??

The training school is run by Lynn Fearn who has been piercing for over 22 years and training for over 14 years, you can see success stories of people who have trained with Lynn and are running successful businesses! Lynn has in fact trained many people in the country who are now running their own training courses! Also the courses cover all the new government guidelines and regulations which were produced in July 2013  which ALL local council licencing are adopting. She will ensure you get this licence. The course also covers obtaining your infection control course which is a requirement of your licence and which many other courses do not offer.  Not only will you get piercing training but you will also receive a certificate showing you are registered with PPAUK (Professional Piercers Association UK). 

Why is this course cheaper than other courses??

Lynn feels that the cost covers the amount of time she puts into the course for the week, the cost of jewellery etc. used on the course and would prefer to keep it affordable for people to attend rather than "rip people off" by charging double the amount and claiming it is a better course!

Why is the course 5 days?

There is an awful lot to cover, in the past Lynn has been asked to complete the course in 4 days, but feels that there is too much to take in over 4 days and the course is better as a 5 day course. There are s lot of courses offering 4 day courses but Lynn believes you need 5 days to cover all that is required for your future as a body piercer.

What does the course cover?

Take a look at the course syllabus for piercing training course or dermal anchor training course to see what they cover, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Lynn for more information.    

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?                        

Yes, you will get a certificate and also a certificate to show you are a member of Professional Piercers Association (UK). In fact you will leave with 3 certificates for your wall! (Body Piercing/ Dermals/Membership to PPAUK). The certificates will  enable you to get registration from local council afterwards. The way the course is ran you are tested on theory and practical...do not worry if you are not very good at reading or writing this is not a problem...the certificate is not awarded on just the exam at the end! Lynn will make sure you pass even if it takes longer!

What will happen after the course?

Lynn will continue to help you, if you feel you need her to come to your studio and guide you when you start then she will do this! Lynn is always on the phone if you need help or have a problem, when you leave with your certificates you are not on your own! Also you can contact other members of the group and get help from them! You are not just paying for a week of my training you are paying for Lynn to help you for the rest of your career! 

How many people will be on the course?

Lynn prefers to run the courses on a one to one basis, the maximum amount of students on any one course is usually two occasionally there are three! The days are half theory and half practical work, we have a relaxed training room for the theory work and practical work is done in our large sterile piercing studio. During the week you will be able to observe how the studio works and how we deal with clients.

Will I pierce real people on the course or synthetic material?

Yes you will pierce real people, you will do at least 6 piercings although usually more....you WILL NOT be doing hundreds as one site claims they do! You will do more piercings before piercing actual people on training!  Any fool can learn to pierce by watching your tube now days and buying a piercing kit off Ebay....but to be a professional piercer you need to know a lot more...like what to do if you do something wrong or what to do if a piercing is not healing...a lot of courses do not cover this! This course teaches you all of this! 

What happens if I dont pass? -   

No one ever fails! If you do I have failed as a trainer not you as a trainee!! If you do not feel confident after the course I will come to your studio and stand with you until you are! I am on the end of the phone at any time after the course. 

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